Q. How do I apply for a cheap payday loan?

A. It’s easy. Just fill out the form here.

Q. How long does it take to get the actual money in my bank account?

A. Normally, we can approve you for a loan within 24 hours. After that, we’re only waiting for you to approve it on your side. If you need money fast, you can probably have it sitting in your bank account by tomorrow.

Q. How do I know if I quality for a loan?

A. Most people who visit this website do in fact qualify. If you’re a United States resident, over 18 years old, and have a steady income, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting your request rejected. Getting rejected isn’t fun – getting a loan should be as easy as we can possibly make it for you.

Q. How much do your loans cost?

A. We have very low interest rates, especially compared to other lenders. However, like all short-term loan providers, we have to make a profit somewhere. We really enjoy helping people out, so we have extremely reasonable interest rates. Try applying first – once you apply, we’ll be able to discuss the specifics with you of a possible agreement.

Q. Is there a limit on the amount of loans I can have?

A. In general, we only allow a small amount of active payday loans, to help you avoid debt. However, if you have only used us once or twice, this shouldn’t be an issue – we love repeat customers!

Q. How long do I have to pay you guys back?

A. You pay us back on your next payday. That’s why it’s called a payday loan. In general, payday advances are at most 30 days.

Q. What if I don’t pay back on time?

A. We charge sensible late fees to deter you from paying back late. I mean, come on – we’re giving you a loan under the assumption that you can pay us back next payday. It’s for both your and my benefit for you to pay back your loan on time, so just do it. :) However, if you can’t manage to pay back on time, we’re always happy to offer extensions. So in the event that plan A doesn’t work out for you, there’s always plan B to fall back on.



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