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Cheapest Payday Loans has been the premier website to get a quick and cheap payday loan from since 2005. With a track record that’s sure to impress, we’re the perfect option for your cash advance needs among the vast sea of people in this business for reasons other than the goodness in their heart.

We run a tight shop, yet allow most people to acquire a loan from us. We’re not jerks and we want to make all applicants happy. As a result, we offer low interest rates and easy and fast applications. Rather than focus on cramming as much money as we can out of every customer, we attempt to treat our customers with respect so that they recommend us to their friends and come back if they need another loan in the future.

This is a mindset which the rest of the business does not share. For reasons unbeknownst to us, most payday loan lenders basically act like everyone is a one time customer. While we want all our customers to solve their financial issues, we know that short-term money problems often come up again in the future. We run our business on repeat customers – that’s how we function. We’re here to help you out, not the other way around.

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